Rotring. Create Reality by Julian Rentzsch.

Julian Rentzsch, 33, lives and works in Hamburg as an illustrator and designer


Julian Rentzsch, 33, lives and works in Hamburg as an illustrator and designer. At the age of 18 he started to paint graffiti, and his first commissions as wall designer followed. Later he studied Illustration and Communication Design in his home town of Hamburg. Since 2005, Julian has worked as a freelancer.

How do you approach your work?
I always start with a rough scribble, using a very hard pencil. I then refine this with a softer pencil, and thereafter complete it with an ink pencil, working on the light and shadow to develop it further.

Why do you use rotring pencils?
The rotring fine lead pencils have the advantage that one can use different line widths and degrees of hardness. This creates the strong differentiation, which I need for my work. The same applies to the ink pencils, the flexibility and handling won me over.

Where do you get inspired?
In no particular place, I just keep my eyes open. Often, brief vision sequences spark an idea, which then develop further and become complete during drawing. People, nature and city scenes can inspire me, a photo or a graphic on a blog. I walk a lot or cycle. This way all types of impressions in my environment can influence me.

Do you need silence when you work?
When I create, I listen to music, it also influences me subconsciously. I let my mood dictate what I am going to listen to, not the project.

Have you never been tempted to move to a different city?
No, Hamburg offers me every opportunity to pursue my interests and my profession. I now work with designers from all types of disciplines. We motivate and inspire each other.

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