Rotring. Create Reality by Kätlin Kaljuvee.

Kätlin Kaljuvee, born in 1982, graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Talin in 2006 having studied fashion design. She still lives there today working as a fashion designer and illustrator. She also runs the fashion label "Katyusha as Me" in her home town. Her collections, that she sketches illustrations and fabrics for, are produced exclusively in Estonia.

How did you get into fashion illustration?
When I was growing up Estonia was still a part of the Soviet Union. At that time there were a couple of fashion magazines that had fashion drawings by fantastic illustrators. They influenced me from a young age. When I was three or four I began to draw. During my degree at the Estonian Academy of Arts I decided to focus more on fashion illustration. Several of my teachers encouraged me to develop my own style.

What is your work process?
First, I collect ideas and then I make a collage out of them, an art mood board. Then I make as many sketches as necessary until I've found the right composition that I can continue using. I then transfer this onto bigger, better paper and begin to work with ink, pens and brushes. Afterwards I add colour to it, if it's not meant to be a black and white illustration.

Why do you use the rotring pens?
They fit perfectly in your hands. The black ink is of such high quality that I can draw in whatever shading I need. They allow me to create unique effects and achieve various shades. And I love the ArtPen because it glides so easily and well over the paper.

What inspires you?
The air, my surroundings, my travels, my own thoughts, colours, light, shade and landscapes that I've seen somewhere. Talin is on the Baltic Sea and that also influences my work, because the waves, cold wind and seagulls inspire me.

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