Rotring. Create Reality by Trust.

Przemek Truściński, born in 1970, ...

Przemek Truściński, born in 1970, lives and works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator in Warsaw; he signs his work as "TRUST". Truściński studied Graphics at the Academy of Arts in Lodz. Truściński's works are award winning, his comics have been published in numerous anthologies and collected volumes.

What inspires you?
To draw futuristic images, one doesn't always need too much imagination. Here in Warsaw, for example, we have this amazing place, where old, scrapped vehicles and machines are stored. I love this place. If you have a look around there, you will see where the ideas for all the futuristic elements in my drawings originate.

How did your style develop?
I am a child of pop culture, it influenced me tremendously. I have already expressed this during my studies. Furthermore, I grew up with comics and movies like "Star Wars", "Blade Runner" and "Apocalypse Now". I have also always been greatly inspired by books. All these influences are reflected in my creative work.

Trust artwork

Cartoons or illustrations – what is the main part of your work?
I mainly draw cartoons and am perceived as a cartoonist, although I do illustrate a lot, too. Either way, I like to express a type of "madness" in the creative process. That is the basic principle of my artistic work.

What role do your pens play?
In order to create this "madness", I need precision, which I can only achieve with precision tools such as the rotring Isograph. They are extremely important to me because this precision further inspires me and enables me to transform ideas into images.

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