Kätlin Kaljuvee, rOtring ambassador at the Berlin Fashion Week

a star of the Berlin Fashion Week.

This month, Kätlin Kaljuvee, rOtring ambassador, is a star of the Berlin Fashion Week.

" I’m  glad to present my latest collection on 16th of January in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I’m going to show my originally hand drawn patterns and prints collection on PURE silk and organic bamboo fabrics. 

The collection is inspired by horses , it tells a story about gypsies who can speak the language and heal the wild wild horses , they are called the horsewhisperers.

I design all the fabrics by myself for the collection, draw and colour all the prints by hand. While making the original drawings for the collection I have been using r0tring isographs 0.13, 0.5 and 1.0   with sensible touch of watercolours.  "


Showtime on 16th January at 9.30PM on main Runway http://berlin.mbfashionweek.com/

Discover Kätlin Kaljuvee’s amazing work on http://www.katlinkaljuvee.com/

And watch her interview for rOtring on  http://www.rotring.com/blog/category/create-reality/