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Lotie lives and works in France.

Flora2 Lotie lives and works in France. Self-taught women, she decides to dedicate herself to Illustrative Arts in 2003, after studying History, History of Art and Communication.

She shares her time between professional illustration and artistic research projects allowing her to contribute to exhibitions all over the world.

Since her youngest age, Lotie has loved flicking through all the illustrated books that she sees and reproducing their drawings: ancient engravings (Gustave Doré, Martin Schongauer), Art Nouveau, architecture,... She then became fascinated with comics and Asian animation movies (Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka). But her main source of inspiration is her surrounding, the nature, its organic shapes, its textures.

Paris creation Lotie

junk Her graphic universe is poetic, dreamlike, intriguing and towering. A place where Nature reasserts itself. The human figure is an accessory, anonymous, almost inexistent. Remains moving curves, roundness and elegance.

She always begins her artworks by drawing in black and white with rOtring ink and isograph 0.10. Then she can optionally add some steps, adding some collaged photography elements, some colours or textures.

She became rOtring addict when she was a child, lusting over her mother’s big rOtring case. Lotie never shifted from rOtring.

She also worked on animation projects, mixing sounds and visual researches, to take the onlooker to a different sensational space.

Advertisers, designers, jewellers from the world over are inviting Lotie to work on their projects. From poster campaign to TV ads, from clothing to websites and packaging to mural painting, she has more than one string to her bow. Currently, she is very dedicated to the fashion world.