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Ganaëlle Maury was born in 1982 ...

ganaellemaury1Ganaëlle Maury was born in 1982 and lives in Montpellier where she works as an artist and a graphic designer. After studying fine arts, she developed personal and collective projects as part of the “en Traits Libres” studio.

She structures her work around a sound analysis of drawing techniques and the infinite replication of minute details previously sampled. Surfaces form on the paper, made of millions of strokes and repeated patterns.

She regularly uses rOtring for their very thin line width pens, mostly Isograph and Tikky Graphic pens.


"I always start a drawing, not knowing which shape it's going to take, thus leaving room for surprise and disrupting accidents". This is the way her drawings slowly and intuitively form and intrinsically stretch. "A stroke set on paper is the result of accumulated moments that happen only once in a lifetime." All of her drawings share a common thread: they fix feelings at a given time. On the verge of void abstraction, her drawings never jeopardize the subjectiveness of emotion, communication and imagination.