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Przemek Truściński, is a rOtring ambassador ...

Przemek Truściński, is a rOtring ambassador who works as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator in Warsaw; he signs his work as “TRUST”. He studied Graphics at the Academy of Arts in Lodz. Truściński’s works are award winning, his comics have been published in numerous anthologies and collected volumes.


“Since I was a kid I was escaping from real life to the world of imagination. This world that I was drawing for myself. I'm totally addicted to create the worlds, which I’m closing in my illustrations and comic strips. I like to tell the stories, but I always try to leave some space for the viewer’s interpretations. For each story and screenplay I match the style of drawing. I’m not closing myself in just one style I like to experiment. Realism, expression, precision, surrealism and madness. Splash against the line, brush against the Rapidograph. I like the rOtring Tikky Graphic, Pigmented Ink. It will never change his colour (You know what I mean!).”

Trust just published a new album named “Trust. the Album” (available at It is a 368-pages monograph, offering in great variety a selection of graphic art, illustrations and comics which he has created during last twenty years.


Find out more about Trust in this rOtring video: