Discover Nicolas Lemercier

Tizieu, whose name is Nicolas Lemercier, is an illustrator and a creative director who lives in Normandie, in France. He says he was born with a pencil in his mouth!

Tizieu oriented himself towards Art studies while he was teenager. He explored a lot of traditional art techniques during these years. He began to work with painting and felt pens, and then he discovered the deep black ink with the rOtring Isograph.

“I came accross this amazing tool, mysterious and complex, allowing getting the best results. Since then, I juggle Isograph 1.0 and Isograph 0.5 to create fields of dots.”

Tizieu works on several media and is inspired by Today’s visual culture. He is also an artist who explores different creative techniques and he does not want to lock himself into one style.

Constantly in a research process, his objective is to learn, test and develop to get the best results. Cartoon, realism, abstract art,…

“After a lot of experimentations, I became very demanding regarding the tools I use. I love having the heavy rOtring 600 in my hand; it gives me the impression that I am a wizard!”

Since several years, Tizieu partners with several national and internal brands.