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Grégoire Lepeigneux is a French artist...

Grégoire Lepeigneux

Grégoire Lepeigneux is a French artist who lives in Paris. Drawing is a passion for him since he was child. He started to study in school of architecture, where he discovered the rOtring pens, which he uses every day now.

“I never draw realistic things; I prefer to let my imagination loose on the paper. I play a lot with contrast and perspectives. The Isograph 0.1 is a technical pen which helps me to produce exactly what I want. Its deep black ink, its fine line width and its fluidity allow me to work in the same way as I would work on an engraving. I can perfect my style thanks to it. It is the perfect pen for me.”

Grégoire is very curious and finds a lot of inspirations when looking around him . He is inspired a lot by Moebius, engravers such as Mohlitz and Gerard Trignac, and also by Tsutomu Nihei and its manga named “Blame”. “My drawings are a combination between all these inspirations with my personal note.” He says.

Grégoire Lepeigneux

The name of my blog is M3LANKOLYA & INSOMNYA. The melancholia is a feeling I have a lot when I am drawing. The insomnia refers to the whole nights I spend with my pens, creating and creating again. Not having a fixed schedule makes me feel free.

At this end of 2013, the artists leaved his job to fully dedicate his life to his art.