Technical Pens

How to refill a Rapidograph pen?

Use rOtring Rapidograph capillary cartridges only.

rapidograph refill

How to refill an Isograph pen?

Tap any remaining out of the tip (tip pointing upwards) before refilling the pen. Shake gently the pen before the use.

rapidograph refill

Maintenance advices for technical pens

To store, seal with cap and lay horizontally or put in Pen-Station.

Nib and cap should be cleaned from time to time. You can use the professional rOtring cleaner fluid, available at, to clean the different pen parts.

When cleaning Isograph, Pull/twist off the push-on sleeve (if sleeve is stuck tight, use extractor in cap)

After cleaning, rinse all components with clean water and dry carefully.

Never disassemble the drawing nib as this will void the warranty.